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Menopause Symptoms

Menopause SymptomsAre menopause symptoms taking over your life? Many women begin to experience symptoms related to changing hormone levels in their 40s. These hormone fluctuations can begin up to a decade before menopause actually occurs, which means that many women are spending decades battling common menopause symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes and cold flashes. Dr. Shoreh Ershadi has identified 45 symptoms of menopause that can begin during perimenopause and continue throughout a woman’s lifetime.

Women who are suffering from bothersome symptoms of menopause have several options. One of the best ways to manage hormone fluctuation-related symptoms is through the use of a natural supplement. DON’T PAUSE contains proven ingredients that can help balance hormone fluctuations and restore healthy function. DON’T PAUSE also contains herbal ingredients that are designed to tackle some of your toughest menopause symptoms, including abdominal weight gain, cardiovascular health, bone health, hot flashes and skin health.

Because menopause symptoms can vary so dramatically from women to woman and even in the same woman from day to day, a multi-symptom formula such as DON’T PAUSE is ideal. It can address both the symptoms you know you have as well as the symptoms of which you may not yet be aware.

DON’T PAUSE can be taken on its own or used as a part of a larger symptom-management strategy that includes lifestyle and dietary changes. Contact us today to learn more about how DON’T PAUSE can support you through menopause and beyond or to place your order.